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Software for a new Mac user

May 1, 2015

I recently purchased my first Mac.  As a convert from PC’s running Linux, there were a few tools I’ve found particularly useful that I wanted to note.

  1. Duet Display – Attach your iPad to your Mac and use it as a 2nd monitor – great for working on the go.  I’m a web developer so this is awesome – to be able to have my browser in one monitor and the web console in the other.
  2. Better Touch Tool – I miss my mouse buttons from the PC world (I still use a Linux desktop) so some gestures like middle click a tab to close it, middle click a link to open in new tab are pretty hard wired.  Better Touch Tool allows you to setup gestures, buttons, etc.  You can separately configure the trackpad, magic mouse, and PC mouse, and you can set up rules per application as well.
  3. Karabiner – Keyboard mapper for Mac.  As I was struggling to get used to the differences in the Mac keyboard shortcuts, I found this doubly frustrating when I docked my Mac at my desk and was using a PC keyboard as the Control, Alt, and Command buttons were in different places from the Mac keyboard.  Karabiner allows you to customize your keyboard layouts, and specifically allows you to set mappings for the built in keyboard, external mac keyboard, and external PC keyboards separately.  This allowed me to change just the PC keyboard layout to match the mac keyboard layout for the control, alt, and command keys.
  4. iTerm2 – Has some improvements over the built in terminal app and some sweet features.

That’s it thus far.  I’m still learning so will update this list as I find other things.  Hope this helps someone out there